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At Savvy Divorce Solutions, we are the financial experts working with couples, individuals, mediators and attorneys during the divorce process. Our role is to collect and analyze your financial data. With our advanced training in financial matters that affect divorce we provide pension valuations, QDRO facilitation, life-style analysis, tax optimization and creative settlement options that make financial sense for both parties.

  • Certified Divorce Financial Planning – For couples who are reasonable and can sit at the table together to discuss options. You want to avoid the costly court battle. You and your spouse agree that best thing is to end the marriage and move on. You’re not sure where to begin, how to split the assets or what a financial affidavit is. You would like guidance on your financial matters with the divorce.You would like to maximize the amount of money you each keep. You want to be smart about how taxes will effect you and you want to minimize the tax bite.  You would like to see how different scenarios effect your financial futures.​This is our favorite way to work. We act as a financial neutral, examining your assets, valuing your assets and proposing settlement solutions for a win-win situation. Get all of your questions answered and more.
  • Mediation Assistance – We partner with mediators, providing the financial expertise to their clients during the divorce. As a mediator do you have any of these questions:
    • My clients have pensions, how do I value it? What’s it really worth?
    • My clients own a business, what are their options?
    • My clients own a home and it’s under water on the mortgage. What can we do? Or they don’t qualify to refinance. Are there any options for them?
    • My clients have an ERISA plan which needs a QDRO. I’m not a QDRO expert are there any options here?

​By partnering with us we take on the risk of advising your clients on the financial issues, not you. We can offer options to all of your questions and concerns – providing you and your clients with various settlement options that best meet both of their needs!

  • Collaborative Divorce Assistance – We provide the financial expertise to collaborative divorce practice.​A collaborative divorce practice provides you and your spouse with the support and guidance of your own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, the collaborative practice allows you the benefit of a team approach with coaches, child and financial specialists all working together for you. Core elements of this method are to negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution without having the courts involved deciding issues.
  • QDRO Facilitation – The Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is the mechanism every ERISA qualified plan uses to split the retirement assets in a divorce case.

Generically QDRO is the term used to split ERISA and non-ERISA based plans. Each plan has its own rules and requirements for splitting the plan when using a QDRO. It is vital that the QDRO be prepared and sent to the plan for pre-approval to ensure it meets all of the plan requirements BEFORE it is sent to the judge. Failure to do this can result in unnecessary costs if the plan rejects your QDRO and you have to go back to court with a new QDRO.

​Only a qualified QDRO attorney can prepare a QDRO. We work with a partner attorney to prepare your QDRO for a fixed fee so that you can understand all of the intricacies before you agree to a settlement. A good QDRO expert will be sure that you understand the various options available regarding survivor benefits, lump sum options etc. We use the finer details of these options in negotiations, so you are sure of what’s really going to happen.