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Relationship Types

  • Abusive – If you are in an abusive relationship, then stop now and call a lawyer.
  • We’ve just become friends –  Over the years your relationship has moved on to friendship and away from being a couple. You have tried to save your marriage, but now you both agree it’s time to move on. You want your divorce to be friendly, as fair as possible and you want to minimize the cost of the divorce.
  • You’re a stay at home spouse – You have spent the majority of your married life home taking care of the family. You may have given up your own career to take care of your spouse and family. Now your afraid and worried how you will survive financially.
  • You’re the primary earner – You have always provided for your family. You want to take care of your children’s needs but are concerned you’ll be giving up more than you need to. You want to avoid costly mistakes while being fair.
  • You don’t trust your spouse – Your spouse has been cheating on you. You’re not sure if your spouse has been hiding assets from you. You’re concerned and worried about your future and how you’ll survive after the divorce.
  • You’re a Professional who is now the higher wage earner – You’re concerned you may now have to pay your spouse alimony even if they have a good job. You have questions and concerns about the different options available to you.
  • Same-Sex Couples – You’ve been together for a long time, in a Civil Union, Domestic Partner or Married. You both agree it’s time to end your relationship, and you’re not sure were to begin or how to split the financial aspects of your lives together. Your relationships are complex, and you would prefer the guidance of a financial expert in this area.

Next Steps

In our Divorce Strategy session we guide you to clarity about your current financial situation, help you understand how to side-step problem areas, and assist you to properly plan a divorce settlement that meets the unique needs of you and your family.